Friday, September 2, 2011

Good tunes/ good moves

I don't think there's much cuter than a baby dancing. River finds it necessary to finish off his dance routines gymnast style. Don't know where he gets this stuff....

Sunday, July 3, 2011

The Narrows

I thought I might update the ol' blog for a worthy event. Yesterday Logan and I hiked the narrows in Zion National Park with my dad, Logan's brother Spencer, and our friend Tim Huntzinger. We had the time of our lives! I definitely plan to go hike this thing as many times as I can while living in St. George and only 40 minutes from the most beautiful place I can imagine.

This hike was, in my opinion, incredibly difficult. You basically hike in the water the whole time along a rocky riverbed through a windy canyon. There are points where you have to navigate through shoulder deep water that is ICE cold (we're talking PAINFUL cold) and very swift currents. Good rubber shoes and a walking stick (two walking sticks if you're cool like me) are essential. Don't be like the guy we saw in jeans and holding a to-go cup of coffee trying to cross over rapids. Just don't.

If you're ever headed through St. G and feel like making a quick detour to Zion, let us know! We're totally experts now, whatever that means....

And now for some pics.

On the trail to get to some real action.

I chose a very unflattering shirt for this trip. Cool.

A fun squirrel!

Our first plunge into the ice! Fake happy.

Now for some honest reactions. Dad and Spencer getting through one of the deepest stretches. We all know how sensitive Dad is to the cold....

Snack break. PB&J on white bread never tasted so good.

Yes. One of my walking sticks is a piece of pvc pipe and the other looks like a grandpa cane.

Somebody help that old guy!!! Hehe. Dad did awesome. Better than me, that's for sure. I definitely almost fell on my head a few times. He probably didn't even need help, but Tim, Spencer and Logan were so great and backed him up the whole time!

Come to think of it, his backpack held our only camera... :)

Best time ever!

Monday, February 14, 2011


i sure love my valentines!

happy valentine's day, everyone!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

emerson quilting

been busy with this.

send me your quilts!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

quilt for baby john

my sweet friend emily jones has gone through so much in the past year and i knew i just had to do something for her! she lost her wonderful husband john in an accident last thanksgiving and then brought a beautiful new baby into the world last month! she is an amazing woman. i wish i could do more, but i decided to make her this quilt for baby John to show her how much we love and care about her.

this pattern is so gorgeous. my sister-in-law Leigh can be thanked for that! those little strips were tough, but totally worth it.

i started the quilt before i knew what em was having. hopefully it's not too girly!

no, obviously it's not hand-quilted. a pro did all that work. it turned out perfectly.

love you, em!